Change Your Life Now (And See the Impact in 6 Months)

Change Your Life Now (And See the Impact in 6 Months)

An Evidence-Based Strategy to Evolve Now for the Life-Changing Next Moment


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Why do we fall?

(Reflect on it for a moment, then read on...)




“So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” ― Alfred

Life doesn't always follow a smooth path.

Most of the time, we struggle.

You're always angry at the same anti-desired-future routines.

You're always angry at the same New Year’s resolutions.

You're always angry at the same unchanging situations.

It's time for a real revolution in your life.

Join me on a transformative journey, where chaos transforms into clarities, distractions are replaced by concentration, and habits lead to lasting change.

This is your call to a revolution—a strategy grounded in science.

Ready to redefine your narrative?

Life Sucks, Stuck in PUC, and Everything is F*cked

Countless nights.

Tossing and turning.

Sleep remains elusive.

Ask yourself: What's your purpose?

Yes, life sucks.

You're stuck in PUC (Pain, Uncertainty, Chaos), feeling like everything is f*cked.

It's time to zoom out and confront reality.

Default Mode: Enduring Endurance

Most people don’t have trouble with focusing. They have trouble with deciding. — James Clear

If you don't make a choice, the world will assign a default one to you.

And that's why you feel sucked.

Suffering lingers because your subconscious knows you can live better.

Pain arises from committing to change but faltering too soon.

Disappointment follows as your routine fails to pave the way for your desired future.

Depression creeps in as your actions misalign with your ideal goals.

Frustration builds as your current state remains distant from your dream.

Everlasting endurance becomes inevitable before real change begins.

Deliberate Choice: Everlasting Enjoyment

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein

But you DESERVE to live BETTER.

The truth is:

You CAN drive your own CHANGE now (and witness the impact in just 6 months)!

I've proven this 3 times:

  • Achieved a $2M revenue milestone (as a B2B Sales professional).

  • Secured a high-paying tech job (through self-taught skills).

  • Doubled customer base (with the launch of a healthcare SaaS).


"But KL, I’ve tried tons of times. It didn’t work!"

If you're merely considering another New Year's resolution or changing aspects of your life because someone said it's a good idea, you defeat yourself before starting.

Combine a strong will to change with a solid strategy. While I can't provide the will, I can offer a strategy.

I guarantee that after making a deliberate choice for change to stick, everlasting enjoyment becomes inevitable.

3 Pillars of Change

You've not changed yet because you are stuck in chaos—Psychic Entropy.

You've not changed yet because you are ensnared by distractions—Orienting Response.

You've not changed yet because you are tethered to bad habits—Default Mode Network.

Clarity = Self Awareness

Chaos is the default state of everything.

Psychic Entropy embodies the disorderly trend of our minds.

To gain clarity, engage in self-questioning:

  • Who matters most to me?

  • Why am I doing what I am doing?

  • What is my purpose in life?

  • What are my vision, mission, and core values?

  • What is my top priority right now?

  • What is the path to my desired destination?

  • How can I enhance my quality of life?

  • And more...

Gain self-awareness and truly enjoy your life.

Concentration = Flow in Deep Working

Distractions abound.

Orienting Response triggers the fight-or-flight response.

Harness your mind intentionally, taking control away from the environment.

Let the answers to your self-questions guide your focus.

Dive into the flow of deep work, and reject shallow distractions.

Consistency = Good Habits & Routines

Bad habits shape behavior because they offer quick pleasure.

Default Mode Network adheres to Newton's first law of motion, driven by societal forces.

Understand the Habit Cycle: Trigger → Action → Reward:

  • Place the triggers for good habits everywhere, and eliminate triggers for bad habits.

  • Design the actions of good habits to be easy, and make the actions of bad habits challenging.

  • Gamify the process of cultivating good habits to make it enjoyable, and vice versa.

Transform habits and routines into allies, not adversaries.

Cornerstones of C.H.A.N.G.E.

If the 6-month change happened only once, it might be survivorship bias.

Yet, achieving this feat 3 times across diverse domains and varying time points, signifies that there are fundamentals you can take and replicate.

These are not just principles; they are actionable guides, the tools in your arsenal for conquering the challenges that lie ahead.

C - Confront Challenges

Face real-world challenges head-on, embracing them as opportunities for growth.

Knowledge without application is powerless.

Roll up your sleeves.

Get rid of the tutorial hell.

Build the solution to your life.

H - Harness Skills

Acquire and hone the necessary skills to overcome challenges and thrive.

Like any other game, you need to equip yourself to conquer the quest.

The more skill you have, the fewer problems you encounter.

It's a journey of trial and error.

Have fun and grow.

A - Architect Habits

Craft intentional habits and routines conducive to your goals.

First, we build habits, and then they build us.

Again, ensure you build a lifestyle of consistency.

You don't do what you love after you achieve your desired future; you live your desired future now by doing what you love.

N - Nurture Allies

Cultivate a network of allies—individuals who inspire, support, and challenge you.

If you want to run faster, farther, longer—run together.

G - Gather Resources

Accumulate the necessary resources to enhance your capabilities and navigate challenges effectively.

The most precious resource:




Try your best to make use of them.

E - Everlast Iteration

Continuously evolve by iterating your strategies and actions, integrating newfound skillsets and mindsets, and ensuring a dynamic journey of personal growth.




Craft experiments.

Validate hypothesis.

Discover ideas.

Your life is another lean startup composed of lots of tiny lean startups.

Pick Up a Real-world Quest

I don't know what your top-prioritized problem is.

No matter what, pick up one to drive the change:

Get a job.

Sleep more.

Hit the gym.

Eat real food.

Pay off debts.

Fire your boss.

Find your spouse.

Explore investments.

Start your own business.

And more...

Embark on a real-world quest to level up your life.

The choice is yours—pick a quest that resonates with your aspirations and start the journey of transformation.

This is your opportunity to shape the narrative of your life.

Be the Hero (Not an NPC) in Your Life

NPC reacts, but the hero decides.

The world trains you to become an NPC, but do not allow them to manipulate you.

You are a living human with living breaths and living pulses.

Don't give a f*ck of others' opinions, advice, and plan.

Become the hero, and build your own journey now.