Prioritize What Matters Most

Prioritize What Matters Most

Mastering The Art to Reach The Top 1%


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You are lost, living an unfulfilled life, unaware of what matters most—your true north star.

Yes, you're busy, but is it genuine productivity?

Citing Gail Matthews' goals study, those who articulate clear goals transcend the ordinary.

So, do you know exactly your goal?

Can you declare a crystal-clear worldview?

Or have you pondered your profound WHY?

Deconstruct Before Reconstructing

Is the WHY you've written genuinely yours, an authentic and original WHY?

Or is it a veiled WHY implanted by societal forces?

Every resolute and unyielding WHY is unearthed through a challenging odyssey.

One must first uproot and tear down, then destroy and overthrow, and finally, build and plant anew.

Otherwise, the films you adore wouldn't hold such allure.

James Howlett lost those he loved and his memory in Origins.

Bruce Wayne lost his parents, succumbing to fear in Begins.

Thomas A. Anderson lost his original life in The Matrix.

Wolverine faced, for the first time, the specter of death and grappled to rediscover the hero within himself in Wolverine.

Dark Knight confronted his primary adversary and faced unjust charges in Dark Knight.

The One persisted in the quest against the Machine Army, striving to save humanity from extinction in The Matrix Reloaded.

Logan experienced a genuine demise, becoming a legend in Logan.

Bruce appeared to sacrifice himself to rescue Gotham in Rises.

Neo sacrificed himself to preserve the remaining human beings in The Matrix Revolutions.

And they all experience a resurrection in our profound hearts forever.

You Are Lost

In a constant struggle against external pressures and internal disorientation.

The world coerces you into the pursuit of money, sex, and power.

Society molds you into a conformity slave.

Your emotions push you against your own will.

These distractions echo in your mind.

Yet, it's crucial to understand that fleeting emotions yield nothing substantial, while principled stances offer profound promises.

Live a Liberated and Desired Life

Like pruning a tree to remove dead branches and foster growth, you must shed burdens that hinder your journey.

Envision deadwood gracefully falling away, creating space for vibrant possibilities.

Liberation isn't abstract; it's the tangible result of discarding obstacles in your path.

This is the key to unlocking a life of liberation and passionate desire.

Crafting Your Guiding Force: Who Is Your LORD

Prioritize What Matters Most

In the relentless battle against external pressures and internal disorientation, you are driven by an unstoppable force.

This compelling force IS YOUR LORD.

YOUR LORD is not merely a reflection of your words but a manifestation of your decisions and actions!

It defines your identity, purpose, why, and direction.

Through these decisions and actions, your behaviors take shape, and in turn, shape your life.

Build an Unshakeable Worldview

How do we recognize OUR LORD?

The paramount question is:

WHO matters most?

In a world where solitude is impossible, every action connects with someone—some close, some distant.

These relationships form the foundation of our worldview.

The second crucial question is:

What matters most?

Our decisions resonate with those who matter most to us.

These core values erect the pillars of our worldview.

Mindful Prioritize Every Single Day

As our journey unfolds, let's dive into practical tactics to revolutionize your life.

The transformative list:

  1. Identify all significant relationships.

  2. Keep 5, and discard the rest.

  3. Prioritize the remaining 5.

  4. List elements crucial to these 5 relationships.

  5. Keep 1 for each, and eliminate the rest.

  6. Your list now reveals the top 5 relationships and their essential elements.

  7. The rest become your Avoid-At-All-Cost list. No attention until triumph with your top 5, regardless of circumstances.

Thriving Amidst Challenges: Stand Firm In Any Circumstance

Armed with an unshakeable worldview, defeat is not an option. Stand firm in any circumstance, confidently making decisions that give life true meaning.

You won't succumb to societal forces; instead, you will shape the world around you.

Together with those who matter most, you'll find newfound joy.

Prioritizing what matters most becomes second nature.

It's time to revolutionize your life. Embrace the change now.